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23August 2019

The Fern Kesarval Hotel & Spa,Verna Plateau, Goa.


The second edition of Goa Pharma Summit, organised by Express Pharma, will focus on the theme ‘Capturing growth in a complex landscape,’. This year, experts and veterans of the industry will examine the new global reality and share learnings to customise their strategies and business models for dealing with increasing volatility and complexity in various business environments and fuelling sustainable, long-term growth.

Moreover, it will also look at establishing the role Goa can play in cementing India Pharma Inc’s dominance on the world stage, as a premier, export-oriented, pharma hub in India. The Summit will seek actionable insights to reinvigorate Goa’s pharma sector and leverage its capabilities to turn India into a global supply destination...

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It will cover the following aspects:

  • Opportunities for Indian Pharma Inc as a global supply destination with Goa as its nucleus
  • Key trends in global domestic markets and supply landscape
  • Building on India’s cost advantage
  • Innovation strategies for the next decade
  • Leveraging technology to future-proof key processes
  • Learning from international best practices
  • Embracing digital for accelerated growth
  • Exploring strategic alliances to enter newer markets
  • Building stronger quality systems for improved compliance
  • Tackling price controls and protectionism
  • Evolving regulatory landscape

Key facts

Key facts

It is home to over 70 major pharma companies which have significant investments in the state.

Pharma exports have been a key element of Goa’s basket.

Nearly 90% of the products and formulations manufactured in the state are exported.





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Inauguration of the Goa Pharma Summit 2019

Conference on ‘Capturing growthin a complex landscape’

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The Fern Kesarval Hotel & Spa,

Verna Plateau, Goa.

23 August, 2019

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